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New Product Release and More

Here's a clear height comparison between ZA11/FK1 and ZA12/FK2

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Which size or shape works the best for you?

You can choose the size or the shape that suits you the most

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ZOWIE GEAR ZA Series Reviewed by Jimmy Whisenhunt

Jimmy Whisenhunt, a competitive gaming veteran that now works in game development, had the chance to try the new ZA series early. This is his video introducing the new mouse as well as highlighting the differences between the ZA and the FK series.


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23rd of April, 2015, Huntington Beach – ZOWIE GEAR introduces new ambidextrous shape in three sizes: ZOWIE ZA series. 

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ZOWIE FK1 and FK2 mice have been very popular among fans of ambidextrous shapes, but ZOWIE understands that nothing is perfect.  This includes the shape of mice. ZA series comes as an answer for the gamers who want to rest their palms on the mouse and those looking for a mouse which is easier to lift with a claw grip. In stark contrast with the FK series, the new ZA series has increased height...

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Zowie GSR Mousepad Review by SnowShovel

ZOWIE G-SR reviewed by SnowShovel





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