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18th of August, 2015, Huntington Beach – ZOWIE GEAR starts producing CAMADE and FK. So shop for the latest Zowie products at

Earlier this year ZOWIE GEAR decided to change its logo, which can be seen on all new products released since then such as the ZA, EC-A and SR. During this period the FK series has remained a very popular line and because of this ZOWIE has now decided to start producing it with the new logo. This also means a change in color, with yellow being replaced by white to match our other series of mice.

You will be able to find the updated FK1 and FK2 in partner stores in the upcoming weeks. As always, ZOWIE GEAR’s Facebook page will be updated as the product becomes available.

Please keep in mind that the only difference in the new FK series is the logo and color scheme, the technology remains the same within the entire series of the product.

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With the FK update, all ZOWIE mice now use a black and white color scheme and so the CAMADE had to be adjusted to also fit this color scheme. The new CAMADE sports the new logo and has a black base with white rubber band.


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